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Welcome to the Installer of transLucid

The Installer will take you through the following steps:

  1. User access to restricted functions
  2. Where to store the transLucid content (in MySQL database or XML files)
  3. File upload and WYSIWYG editor settings
  4. Layout folders, Site title and Logo
  5. Ordering of menu nodes and language default settings

You will all also have the possibility to import your PersonalBrain (TM) file.

Please see the documentation in case of doubt and problems. Should you fail to use the Installer, please write to info@pantha.net.

Please select the edit mode:

public TransLucid can work in either public or restricted edit mode.
In public edit mode, everyone can change the content of your pages. In restricted mode, a username and password are required to edit pages.

Please choose admin login credentials:

Administrator username:
Aministrator password:

Please choose editor login credentials:

Editor username:
Editor password: